With THE UNIVERSAL TOOL we have a choice of Tool that is a Global Standard Tool which is a combination of Premium S7 Tool Steel for Punch & D3 / H.C.H.C. Tool Steel for Die and is a combination that is most used worldwide that has the ability to take on all Tableting formulations like a Pro with its ability to take greater compression force and also is a good priced proposition which makes it the favourite to all the general Tablet Compressions, also sticking strong to the standards we are biased towards it for all your general compression needs.

Benefits : With UNIVERSAL TOOL you have a product that will be fare to all Compression Products that are categorised as General or Normal to compress and with its greater compression force baring capabilities you have a product that is easy going towards pressure compression also adding to its value badge the product is financially stable and provides value to your purchase.

Eligibility : UNIVERSAL TOOL is a product that we tend to standardize as your tool of choice to give you the Best of Both the World as a Great Tool for compression as well as a Great priced proposition which combined makes it a Tool that is used as a Global Favourite for decades and has few products to compete it in Price and Performance.

Suggestion : The UNIVERSAL TOOL is a Standard from ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES which is proposed for all the General Tableting Requirements and is advised to take in consideration if the Products to be compressed are hassle free and need no extra care.