A Tool Marking Practice that is a Industry First.

Tablet Tooling’s for most Pharmaceutical Tablet Production Units is an every day approach and a task to maintain and manage the data which becomes difficult to fetch when in need at the batch cycle site, as with the Modern Age Technologies the Compression Machines have become highly intuitive and need a lot of information to be feed to ensure the desired Tableting cycle. Keeping this in mind we have introduced a Tool Marking feature that comes Standard with all the ROTEK Tooling’s that accommodates a complete set of information required by the user to feed the Compression Machine and also helps the user to carry on a Tool Inspection process with ease as all the required data is in hand on the Tool to match the Inspection Data that includes Punch Overall Length, Work Length, O.D. , M.O.C. & Coating and Die O.D. , I.D. & Height, also to top this all there is also a Bar Code on the Tools with which one can fetch information like Tablet Layout, Tooling D.Q. and Optional Features added on the Tooling’s.

With this ROTEK becomes the industry first to build a Tool that speaks for itself and shares it’s own information without any external approach or documentation. With all this we don’t stop here as in the race to be the Worlds Best Tablet Tooling Manufacturer we wanted to do something More, something Extra, Something Never Thought of so we add the S.R. No. on the Head Flat of the Punch with this the user can get the direct access to the Punch they need without consuming any time in finding the required and also eases down the process of inspection as they can do it in streamlined manner. This is ROTEK’S way of thanking the user for their Trust shown towards the Brand.