With the Introduction of EXPRESS TOOL “ Tooling That Deliver Smile “ we have created a supply system that makes sure your Tools arrive the site before Timeline giving you that extra confidence towards matching the desired production schedule. This is due to the synchronization of our in house production cycles we can prioritise your needs keeping us above the competition in terms of delivering a smile to our customers.

Benefits : With EXPRESS TOOL you can expect Quickest Delivery of your required Tooling Inventory which helps when you have a Tool provider that has your back when you are stuck in an unfortunate urgency of a kind which can give you sleepless nights. We claim it to be the Quickest Arriving Tool as when you opt for the feature we know it is a urgency which needs no compromise and undisputed delivery schedules for which we always deliver on commitments.

Eligibility : The EXPRESS TOOL is an optional feature that could be availed on any and every Compression Tooling manufactured by ROTEK which gives our customers peace of mind and can opt for it as and when required. Also this is a feature that adds proposition to our Product line which shows our dedication towards the elements we produce.

Suggestion : We recommend this when you have a rush on to producing Tablets before due date and also when there is an unexpected Error involving the Tablet Tooling’s resulting in delayed production and financial loses due to the same. We believe everything is incomplete with out this added feature in the line up which sets a ultimate high in terms of our orientation towards customer service.