With the Introduction of PRIMO TOOL we have created a tool that will serve as a Primary Tool for most of your resolution based reqirements. On this we have implemented advanced process to Super Finish the Tip Surface Smoothness the drag caused while compression along with this we have also introduced the Tool to a Special Treatment called MFT (Multi Flow Technology) which further reduces the coeicient to friction on the Punch Tip Surface and providing us with a Tool that is Smoother than Smooth and serves the purpose for what it has been developed.

Benefits : With PRIMO TOOL our vision was to develop a Tool for our Customers which will be a first choice towards a trouble free Tablet Compression, which turns out to be one of the Best performers towards Smearing, Sticking, Picking & Edging issues. With the introduction of this we have initiated towards a product that a the Maximum scope towards resolving the everyday Compression issues face at the production end. Also this Combination of Process & Flow Technology is a best Fit in Terms of Troubleshooting, Price & Durability which is unmatched by any other.

Eligibility : The PRIMO TOOL is an introduction that suites most of the Products excluding some which are Hard to Compress & Abrasive which is due to its above than normal Surface Smoothness which if introduced to a Abrasive or Hard to Compress products it will lead to deterioration of its Tip Surface Finish which will make it a non purposeful investment, apart from some very few products it is suitable for most of the products at a Pharmaceutical Production site.

Suggestion : Our recommendation on PRIMO TOOL is for all or most of your Tableting Products that if replaced with PRIMO will enhance your Product Finish, will be Long Lasting, will be a resolution for most of the issues and will Turn out to be a Great Cost Saver. Adding all this together makes a product that is almost the PRIMARY product for all your Tableting needs. PRIMO for ROTEK is what are Wings for a Flight and we believe our product line to be incomplete without PRIMO.