TOOL CLEANING SYSTEM is a system based on Ultrasonic Cleaning technology which creates ultrasonic vibrations to create Blasting Bubbles that blast as soon as they come into contact of any surface due to which the cleaning happens to be till the maximum depth of the surface ensuring a Deep and Super Clean Surface free of any foreign residue.

The TOOL CLEANING SYSTEM comes in 4 different stages. 1) Single Stage Cleaning (Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank). 2) Two Stage Cleaning (Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank & Drying Tank). 3) Three Stage Cleaning (Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank, Hot Rinsing Tank & Hot Blow Drying Tank). 4) Five Stage Cleaning (Dual Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks, Dual Hot Rinsing Tanks & Hot Blow Drying Tank).
This are the 4 stages of Ultrasonic Cleaning System out of which you have a choice to select the best system suitable for your requirement. To make things simpler Below are the Details and suggestions to help you choose better :

SINGLE STAGE CLEANING is a System which come with only a Mono Tank for Ultrasonic Cleaning purpose which comes in 2 Models A Tablet Top Model & A Stand Alone Unit. This Single Tank Setup is generally more preferred for Lab Purpose Use and cannot ensure a thorough clean surface.

TWO STAGE CLEANING is a System that comes with Ultrasonic Tank & Drying Tank which gives you a Dry Surface after the Ultrasonic dip so to ensure a rust free and near clean surface reducing your cleaning effort and assuring a uniform Dry Clean.

THREE STAGE CLEANING is the most popular of all the Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems as is complies of all Three factors required to ensure a Deep Clean, Almost Particle Free & Dry Surface. In which the First Stage is Ultrasonic Cleaning, Second is Hot Rinsing Process to ensure removal of any foreign particle that remains on the external surface of the component and Third is Drying Process, So with the addition of Hot Rinsing Process we can achieve a Maximum Residue Free Surface.

FIVE STAGE CLEANING is the Best available solution that is assured to be the Best Surface Free of any unwanted particle. This Five Stages are setup as First Ultrasonic Cleaning, Second Hot Rinsing, Third again Ultrasonic Cleaning, Forth again Hot Rinsing and Fifth Hot Blow Drying, with this combination one can be in complete assurance that the turned out product is Free of any Residue remains and the processed component can be used directly for Compression Cycle with out any further effort.

All the Cleaning Systems come equipped with 2 K.W. quick heater, Punch & Die Holders