ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES was founded by a team of tooling experts in 1987, with an experience of over three decades in Tooling Technology.




Tablet Compression Tooling’s are in the existence from more then a century now and as being the only source to form solid dose of medication through compression the industry has seen many changes and advancements with the use of Special Purpose Tool Steels to finding new ways on resolving the general & critical Tableting issues with Advanced Coating Solutions to Introducing Multiple Tip for the Tooling to improvise & boost productivity which has been very Revolutionary for the past couple of decades in which we have been a part of the journey and are always proud of the same.
With the introduction of new and robust Technical Advancements with the implementation of Automation we have been aiming all the possibilities to make things better and relieving for the user, giving them peace of mind and ability to focus better on other sections of work.

Keeping this user satisfaction as our priority we ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES started our  manufacturing facility in 1987 and since have always catered the industries growing demands and finding newer ways to help make things better for the end user, which has given us a good market presence and a huge list of happy customers worldwide, by keeping the focus straight on what we started it with we are always learning & innovating.


Rotek Pharma Technologies

“Complete solution for all your Tableting Needs.”

We are engaged in Design, Development, Manufacturing and supply of Quality Tablet Tooling’s & its Accessories. We have the expertise and facilities to meet the growing demand of the tableting industry for standard / customized tooling’s for a range of application.
Our wide range of products include A to Z solution for all your tableting needs. Our commitment towards developing ground-breaking solutions through R&D in areas such as metallurgy, punch coating, boosting productivity (by our multi tip solutions) and Quality Assurance Measures which has being successfully adopted by customers worldwide. We believe that every penny spent in research and development is a penny well spent.
We have been supplying our tooling’s to various sectors like Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Confectionery, Veterinary, Cosmetic & Ceramic Industries by marketing it in both domestic as well as international market.
At ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES we not only manufacture tablet tooling’s of unparalleled quality, but also provide support equipment to help maintain tablet quality. Our headquarters is strategically located in one of the finest progressive industrial society. ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES campus includes Administration, Manufacturing, Testing, Training and R&D facilities specifically designed to convey our customers about our Development, Growth & Reliability.


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