Based on the product nature such as – abrasive, corrosive, sticky etc. We at ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES recommend various types of coating. As described below :


A Type of CVD coating which is highly reflective and resistant to Corrosion & Wear also has Very less Coefficient to friction resulting in smoother Compression & Ejection of Tablet, also this coating comes as a default with ROTEK Compression Punches


A two tone silver goldenish coating which is obtained by deposition of Nickel alloy into the metal surface by a bath and not by electrodes or external electrical charges which allows even surface deposition resulting in a Very Smooth Surface Finish.


A uniquely developed coating which is PVD Superior Hard-Chromium Coating which has a very homogeneous structure along with low density of pores with a good Non-Stick property.


Is a Golden coating which is Very Hard and due to which it works great against Wear resistance which is also used for both Punch & Die to protect it from Wear & Corrosion.


It is a Extremely Hard and inert coating with upto 2X harder then Hard Chrome which performs well in Corrosive environment and in sliding Wear applications. It also has Low Residual Stress and is Low Coefficient to friction.


Is a Silver Black coating which is Hard and is a Double layer of Chromium Nitride coating on the Punch surface which results in a almost pore free surface which helps in Compression of Abrasive Tablets making it more durable and sustainable in such environment.


Is a Greyish coating which is specially developed to also work with Abrasion and Sticking at the same time which is also a combination coating which has triple layer protection to give the best results for Sticking & Wear related issues.


Is a Dark Grey coating which along with 2 layers of coating has a 3rd Thick & Dense layer of surface coat which helps further in dealing with Abrasion, Sticking, Wear & Galling also adding up the durability of the Punch with increased service life.


Is a Silver Grey coating which is the Best performer against Heavy Sticking & Picking issues due to its Nano structure the surface on which it is applied gets a pore free surface finish and provides a very smooth surface area which is unmatched by any other surface coating.


Is a Silver Grey coating which is dense thick layer of an already super fine coating which helps in Heavy Sticky Tableting conditions due to its Nano structure it gives the Best surface finish which is incomparable with any other surface coating.


A Mild Silver coating which is a combination coating which is a two layer coating which has a additional surface with anti stick properties which further reduces the effect of formulation sticking on the Punch Face.


Is called Diamond Like Carbon coating which is Black and is a Nano Composite coating which has a unique property of natural diamond low friction, high hardness and high corrosion resistance which is perfectly suited for most extreme tableting conditions.


Is a Hard Coat which has a strong bond with the component and is longer lasting due to its deposition strength which happens to be really strong due to its high temperature deposition which ensures to be the Best Bond with deposition surface.


It is a coat on the Punch Tip surface that mimics a Teflon like surface smoothness to provide the best non stick properties that results in a surface which is dense and ultra smooth, also it has a surface that has the maximum lubricity.


Is a coat that can be done on both Punch & Die which works well on Abrasion and protects through wear. It is both Smooth and Hard so deals better with the products that demand Higher Compression Force and are Abrasive in nature.


Is a Tungsten based coating which is less conductive and has a smoothness that is unmatched which is almost like ceramic surface. It is Black in colour and the combination of Extra Smooth to High Resistance make is our preferred choice for extreme Tableting issues.