TOOL STORAGE SYSTEM is a fabricated S.S. cupboard which stores and protects the Tooling’s for any Damages and provides a ease for Inventory Management.

The TOOL STORAGE SYSTEM was developed to keep the Tools Safe from damages and also due to it’s S.S. construction also complies to the Pharmaceutical norms, so it can be stored inside the Production facility well within the reach of the user.

TOOL STORAGE SYSTEM comes with 2 types of setup one is Vertical Storage Type and the Other one is Horizontal Storage Type.

The VERTICAL Storage Type System comes with a S.S. Mesh Grid Punch Holder which with the reference of the Punch Head can stay Vertically Hanging in the Holder with out contacting each other but still keeps the contact with the S.S. Mesh Grid Holder which in some cases could cause scratches on the Punch Surface and if not handled with care can also damage the Punch Tip which Removing or Inserting it from the Holder. Secondly the Dies are Stored in a S.S. Basket covered with all the sides only Top Open preventing it from drop or fall, still the Dies in this case Rub with each other which cases scratch on it’s contacted Surface and can also cause dents if not handled correctly.

The HORIZONTAL Storage Type System comes with a Recyclable Plastic Tray which is covered from all side only Top Open and also keeps the Punches & Dies aligned in the Horizontal Position keeping it’s distance from contacting each other due to it’s partition design, also as the Tray material is soft it prevents the Tools from any damages. It also comes with a retractable S.S. Handle on Both Sides with S.S. protective plate on the bottom of the Handle to prevent it from cracking in full load.

Our Recommendation is HORIZONTAL STORAGE SYSTEM as it is safe and ease to store and handle, also which comes in a wide range options to suite your requirement.