With the development of ROTEK’S Linear Packaging system we have given a fresh & Commendable approach towards the Packaging of Tablet Compression Tooling’s which is one of it’s kind and have never been tried by any Tooling Manufacturer ever. With the Linear Packaging system we ensure the best protection of the Tableting Tool within the Compact Dimensions adding Significant weight reduction also minimalizing the use of Recyclable products to ensure Healthier Environment and an approach towards delivering ease of Tool Management.

Benefits : With the ROTEK LINEAR PACKAGING we have introduced Vertical Standing Tablet Tool packaging unit which stays within the Tough Recyclable & Reliable Plastic Crate holding the Tablet Punch Tip in Air without letting it touch the base ensuring damage free transit which happens with the support of overhang created with the help of it’s Head due to which the Punch stays stable, unmoved and Avoids any contact with one another. Secondly with the Head over the Top it creates a ease of Punch removal without any wrong occurring and providing safety to your Tooling investment. Then there is also a similar approach towards the Die which also stands straight by it’s O.D. and also remains Unmoved and Non contacted with other Dies and also is in ease towards removal of the same which is again unique and is most user friendly. With this we have created a great unboxing experience that is protective at the same time this shows our seriousness towards our Product and our approach to value your investment.

Eligibility : The LINEAR PACKAGING system is suitable for all the EU Standard, TSM Standard and other tooling’s that have the similar Punch Body, Head and Overall Length of EU or TSM Standard Punch and similar Die O.D. & Height of EU or TSM Standard Die.