With the introduction of ECO TOOL as the name suggests a Tool that is pocket friendly not because of any compromises but because of the Equipment’s & Fixtures used for producing the same. We at ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES have a product to suit all your requirements from High Volume Productivity to Highly Precise Tooling to a Tooling that is best suited towards low volume production when the volumes are not High we make an attempt to keep the investment cost low that benefits towards the derived product.

Benefits : With ECO TOOL you have a product that suites your Low Volume Tablet Production which is again a type of product that every Tableting Facility has but what is not available is a product that can save that unwanted investment that a company has to bear due to the unavailability of such kind of a solution which complies the needs to suit the product cost and unwanted inventory.

Eligibility : ECO TOOL is a product developed that can be opted for Products that are Normal to Compress with Low Production Volumes, also while choosing this one has to keep in mind the Product should be Easy or Normal product compatable to Hassle Free Compression than this will prove to be of a Great Financial Benefits resulting in great savings towards the Product.

Suggestion : Opting ECO TOOL is a matter of choice for all your Low Volume Products where stocking an inventory is a financial burden for the Company and when such Inventory costs are unaccountable THE ECO TOOL comes in as handy feature for all the Products that need cost monitoring to manage the cost of the end product. With this you know you have made the right choice for the deserved product.