With the introduction of PRECI TOOL “ THE WORLDS MOST ACCURATE TABLETING TOOL” , we have created a new bench mark in the Tooling Industry by setting up our standards higher than the rest, we – ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES have established that when DEDICATION, HARD WORK & TECHNOLOGY combines you can always aim for the New Horizon and with all this by our side we prove to reach one.

Benefits: With PRECI TOOL you always get the best of your Tableting Requirement with up Most Accurate Tablets to Best in class Tablet Quality and a Huge Saving in wastage caused due to Powder drainage from the Lower Punch Tip side. This are some points which make a lot of importance when approaching a competitive market where improvisation is the New Standard.

Eligibility: PRECI TOOL is an optional feature with ROTEK Tools which could be added to any Tooling Type or Preference giving our customers a freedom of choice in choosing their requirements and segregations.

Suggestion: Why to choose the PRECI TOOL option for all your Tableting requirements is not a question of doubt it’s a matter of choice. We recommend it for all the Tooling Types as it addition will help in Producing Better & Accurate Tablets and will save a lot of unaccounted money which would either drain in with the Powder from the Lower Punch Tip side. So the choice is yours towards your desire to possess the Best.