With the Introduction of ULTRA TOOL “ The Ultra Smooth Tool ” we have created a Tool that is Ultra in all terms & measures. With our expertise in Troubleshooting we have developed a Tool combination which is the Best example of Knowledge & Seeking as we faced more and more issues we learned more overcoming this we came up with a Ultra Solution for your Ultra Product which is giving you Ultra Tough Time. This Tools Tip Face is as Smooth as it can get to get you out of all the issues that are above normal.

Benefits : With ULTRA TOOL one can benefit big time over the Products that are Highly Sticky in nature and have to go through a regular cleaning & polishing cycle hampering the Productivity and also disturbing the next Compression Cycle. With this we have created a Smoother than ever surface which is almost pore free and is an outcome of years of Troubleshooting Experience & Highly Skilled and eicient Processing. Our product has also grown with age becoming a Mature Tool when it comes to handling diicult issues.

Eligibility : The ULTRA TOOL is developed to Troubleshoot Heavy Sticking issues which is observed in many Tableting formulations this days & is a every day hassle in every Tableting facility. With this you can be free of all the issues related to Sticky Formulations & free your time dedicated in resolving the same through formulative alterations. This will be a ultimate support towards all the complexes occurring.

Suggestion : We recommend this when the need is to resolve the unresolved that is while facing a situation that is not your normal occurring and is resulting in hard times for the Product & the Tool. We are confident with our ULTRA TOOL to give you the results that gives you the freedom to explore every possibility related to the formulation and changes to comply the end result. Also with this attempt we would like to prove the eligibility of our development that is a solution which has raised the Tooling Standard.