He is the Pioneer of this multi scale organisation, he is an Engineer who started his career in year 1980 as technical support engineer in a machine spare manufacturing company. Keeping his vision & admiration to be an entrepreneur started his own enterprise as TECHNIC ENGINEERING WORKS in the year 1987 which is today known as ROTEK PHARMA TECHNOLOGIES. He is a person of Knowledge, Inspiration & Trust, his principles and ideas have driven ROTEK to be a Trusted & Reliable organisation. “He is the soul of ROTEK “.



He is a Tooling Expert with his vision to develop the “Best Of What We Do “ has made us a company that works on a no compromise policy for which has given our Brand a Seal of Trust. It reflects in the companies tag line “Tablet Tooling’s That Deliver Trust ” and because of his technical expertise we are today the Best Troubleshooting Experts. His belief in customer satisfaction, has helped us create customised solutions for almost every tableting issue and because of which we have multiplied our Customer & Production base. “ He is the Pillar of ROTEK ”



He is regarded as an enthusiastic young entrepreneur of Rotek. He is a very important member of the organisation as to produce a product with unparalleled quality needs pure dedication and hardship with him being the company’s strength we have never failed to deliver a smile to our customers. He is the brain in building the companies infrastructure and adding value to the investment. With his idea to have a product of not only the best of quality but also quick on delivery and tightest on tolerances he has served a reason to a Happy Customer. “He is our Strength”.


ROTEK has a history that stats 3 decades of it journey which is the journey of people who have been there with the organisation from the very beginning and share a bond that makes the ROTEK family in which we have Turners, Grinders, Buffers, Craftsman & Executives who have started their carrier with ROTEK and are still a undetached part of the organisation. As we know it’s never a one man’s effort to convert success into reality, it is the Team that has made the vision true and without the support of a Team it would never had been a reality. So we at ROTEK believe in the people who have made us and give them the complete credit of our success. Also we at ROTEK believe in our Team and keeping their efforts in mind we have developed a friendly atmosphere to work in, as we strongly believe in employee satisfaction and only a satisfied employee can make a happy customer. We are a Organised Team.
The Team at ROTEK structures as under the Leadership of MR. VIJAY BHAYANI (Chairman) with him 3 Directors each with their own teams as MR. ANAND BHAYANI (MD) managing a Team of 60+ members along side MR. SAGAR BAHAYANI (COO) managing the Production Team of 45+ members joined by MR. DHIRAJSINGH RATHORE (MARKETING & SALES DIRECTOR) managing a Team of 12+ members and many more who play a major role in the organisation.
At ROTEK we have created a environment to Work, Play & Cherish the moments spent in the organisation, where to motivate The Team we arrange weekly activities like Games, Movies, Cultural Events and Events for CSR with this we keep up the Team spirit at par and give them a reason to be social with a good cause.