With the Introduction of STAR TOOL we have created a STAR IN TOOLS that will shine brighter. On this we have
combined our process knowledge and customer feedbacks which have inspired us to develop a Tool that is Smoother and Stronger at the same time which makes for a combination that is rear and refined. This is Best combination Tooling which comprises of ESR processed Tool Steel along with the Combination of Coatings applied on the same making it the Best Tool of choice.

Benefits : With STAR TOOL we have made an efort to give our customers a hassle free compression experience which results in Great Non Stick performance for all the products related to sticking, picking issues. With this you get a product that is Smoother than your Standard Non Stick Tool which is because of the Process involved in the making of the same which is Highly Precise, Skill oriented and is developed with the help of expertise & workmanship of our eicient work force catering the same from past 3 decades.

Eligibility : The STAR TOOL is designed to suite the Troublesome, Sticky & Picky formulation which is now a common phase in every Tableting facility. With this you can compress all such products with diiculty making it at easy after implementing the Star Tool package. Also we claim it to be the STAR of our line up due to its ability to resolve the issues & convince the user of its capabilities.

Suggestion : We recommend this when you have the need to resolve an Formulation Sticking, Picking issues on the Tablet Face due to the Punch Face absorbing the same. With the STAR TOOL the user can be at easy when dealing with such Formulation as we have them covered for the worry some issues to be faced, hereby giving them the freedom to choose what is required for the product rather then what it will face in the compression.