With the Introduction of DURO TOOL “ THE LONG LIFE TOOL ” , when we claim it to be the Tool with a Life Longer
than ever we have it concluded with Physical Trials resulting in unexpected Longivity of the Tool that is Highly Durable, Mamothely Strong & Unexpectedly Lasting that ends up being very economical when comparing it to the results and counts of Tablets produced. Keeping the thought of a Tool that can be of the Best Benefit to all we have developed this product with the combination of the Very Best in Tool Steel, Very Strong Coating & Process with all this combined the outcome is exceptional and it would be evident once under the compression cycle.

Benefits : With the DURO TOOL we claim the Tool life to exceed your expectations which will be a great leap towards the cost saving factor involved with the same when compared to the CPC (Cost per Component) also with which adds improvised Tablet Quality as and when you choose a Tool that Lasts Longer than the current Tableting Tool in use you are sure to save on many fronts that associate with the Tablet Compression.

Eligibility : The DURO TOOL is eligible for use on all kind of Tablet Compressions from Corrosive, Abrasive, Hard To Compress & Regular formulations with which you could expect it to perform the Best on matter what every comes in its way, as it is designed to suite all your Compression needs.

Suggestion : We recommend it for all your Tooling needs as and when Savings, Performance & Durability is required there is no looking further then the DURO TOOL. This will result in maximum return on your investment which will also Stand Tough on all the Rough Compression cycles that are diicult to compress. This is a winner that is the Best of the Best with Performance + Saving + Troubleshooting. So we would suggest to make DURO your new standard.