Tablet Tooling Inspection Kit

Measure and record crucial punch and die dimensions with this entry-level inspection kit.

Level 1 Inspection Kit provides the basic, manual equipment to measure critical lengths and diameters of punches and dies. Check for tool consistency, validate remaining tooling service-life, and identify defects such as J-hooks, tip wear, damaged keys, head wear and burred edges.

Toolboxes Include:

  • Outside Digital Micrometer: 0-1″ (0-25.4 mm)
  • Magnetic Indicator Base
  • Granite Gauge Stand w/extended pole
  • Dial Indicator w/white lifting level
  • Digital Indicator w/lifting lever & SPC readout w/ lug back
  • Indicator Tip: long
  • Digital Calipers: 6″
  • Punch Head Gauge: “B”**
  • Punch Head Gauge: “D”**
  • Illuminated Magnifier
  • Punch Holder: “B”
  • Punch Holder: “D”
  • 3-Step Length Standard Gauge**
  • V-Block with Head Cut-Out
  • V-Block Plate w/nest
  • Punch Hold Down Clamp
  • Handheld Microscope
  • Punch Holding Strips (2)