Tablet Tooling Cleaning Kit

Using ultrasonic cleaning is a huge time saver, cutting labor costs and ensuring a quality clean.

The Advanced Cleaning Kit is an introduction into ultrasonic cleaning and includes our Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit, recommended wash solution, and other items needed to clean tools before inspecting, polishing or storing.

  • Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner w/basket
  • Spray Bottle: 16 oz. (2)
  • Stainless Steel Tray w/Handles: “B” punches and dies
  • Stainless Steel Tray w/Handles: “D” punches and dies
  • 12 Replacement Tips for Stainless Steel Tray*
  • Lint-Free Wiping Cloths (pack of 140)
  • Alkaline Wash Solution
  • Acetal Wash Basin
  • 6” Linen Phenolic Embossing Picks (6)
  • Variable Temperature Heat Gun
  • Protectant Facemask
  • Soft-Tip Nylon Brushes (6)
  • Food Grade Tooling Protectant
  • One-Step Rust/Corrosion Preventative Cleaner
  • Tooling Storage Boxes (2)*